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When brain meets muscles. Join a free webinar on Friday

Get ready for our next product evolutionary step: the integration between smart recommendations and remote irrigation automation.

To bring growers the next generation of Phytech's solution we're connecting with the Industry's leading remote automation companies, and on this Friday noon 25/9/20, we'll be happy to share the stage with the great guys from Wiseconn USA.

Success Manager, Joseph Jackson, will be co-hosting a free webinar together with Darryl Hadlich from Wiseconn , where they'll present the integration between Phytech's Plant-based recommendations and Wiseconn's remote-automation solution.

The Goal: help growers make the next leap towards a fully automated, intelligent and optimized irrigation management platform. Seamless, end-to-end workflow, from Phytech's central nervous system and decision making processes all the way down to the valves and "veins" delivering water. From the crop to the drop. Smart and automated.

An Evolutionary step

Phytech is all about connecting growers to their trees, to give them enhanced visibility and smart insights into production optimization, by delivering water according to what the plants need in real-time. This is why expanding Phytech's solution to remote-automation is the obvious next step for our industry, to ensure that our smart plant-based recommendations are being implemented.

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For more information about how you can transform your operation into Smart Automated Irrigation contact us at

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