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Phytech for
Avocado Growers

With their innate sensitivity to heat and stress, as well as frost conditions, avocado trees' demand careful attention.  Rising cost of water and operational/hydraulics challenges (most farms are located on hills to facilitate natural cooling) driving more growers to switch to our one-stop-shop digital farming platform 

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Sierra Video

"What makes Phytech different from other services is that it enables. understanding of the trees. Installation is just plug n' play and it's been definitely a cost-save for us"

Hayden McIntyre, Farm manager and a 3rd generation grower, Sierra Pacific Farms, 

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Trusted by more than 900 of the world's top growers


Quickly respond to frost conditions by getting per-block granular climate monitoring and alerts as well as wind-machine tracking

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Control your farm
From the crop to the drop

When the going gets tough The tough get Phytech

  • Super fast ROI

  • Simple to use and start optimizing operation

  • Plug N' Play - start working within 2 days 

  • Subscription-based model. No strings attached

  • No hardware or maintenance investment.

  • 24/7 Agronomic and tech support

"I'm a better avocado grower thanks to Phytech"

Hen, irrigation manager at Kibbutz Beit-Hazera, 

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Download the Irrigation for
Avocado Growers Guide 

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