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Phytech for
Corn Growers

Join the top Midwest growers who enjoy peace of mind with stress monitoring, fertigation tracking, water allocations and many more features as well as end-to-end service.

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For us to be able to leave the farm and actually have peace of mind that you can see what is happening in your field, that was really, really big for us. It makes the cost that you have to pay for Phytech invaluable for us.

Joe Brugger, Upstream Farms

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When the going gets tough the tough get Phytech

  • Peace of mind: end to end service including installation, maintenance and removal before harvest

  • Phytech proprietary plant sensors (3 stem diameter sensors per location)

  • 3 ft. soil moisture probe with 6 sensors (measuring soil profile every 0.5 ft.)

  • Pivot location and pressure monitoring

  • NEW - Access to Phytech's rain meters network

  • Manage your water meters and allocations through Phytech app

  • Access Remote Sensing (NDVI maps) directly from Phytech app


The most advanced irrigation management solution for row crops, and the first tool to integrate direct plant and soil moisture data.

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New! Fertigation Monitoring

Enjoy Peace of Mind and Ensure Smooth Execution:

Reduce Site Visits, and Receive Notifications

  • Fertigation flow rate:

    • Monitor fertilizer flow through the entire pivot span

    • Get notified when pump stops working

    • Receive fertigation summaries​

  • Tank level monitoring:

    • Monitor tank level remotely

    • Get low level notifications 

    • Receive fertigation summaries


“The app is super simple. it helped with profitability and conserving fuel". We use Phytech every Morning. I can see the plant is under stress. Like the plant was saying: ‘I need a drink'. It's such a great solution with a great team that is always there"

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Download the Irrigation Guide
for Corn Growers 

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When the going gets tough The tough get Phytech

  • Super fast ROI

  • Simple to use and start optimizing operation

  • Plug N' Play - start working within 2 days 

  • Subscription-based model. No strings attached

  • No hardware or maintenance investment.

  • 24/7 Agronomic and tech support

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