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A brand new look for Phytech Plant mobile app!

We've amped up our mobile app up with a brand new google map view, to give growers enhanced view of their entire operation, and support orientation, navigation and shorten their response time to trees' demands and the irrigation system performance

  • In the area view, a google map background is used for blocks' display and navigation.

  • Current and historical stress and water pressure maps on a daily, weekly, and monthly time scales are displayed.

  • The map is used for plot selection.

*Note: The existing plot list view is still available

Set up

The new feature is included in a new app version that for most users should automatically be updated. In some cases, an update via the App Store or Google Play may be required:

Using the area map

For users with multiple companies, the company selection screen is unchanged. Once a company is selected, the app will present the map of the first area in the company, instead of the list of areas.

Plot selection

Clicking a plot from the map opens a pop-up with plant stress and irrigation summary for all projects on the plot. Use the graph icon to enter the plot graph page.

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