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2021 AlmondBeat report #1: Trees woke up! When and how much should you irrigate?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

As our southern-hemisphere growers are busy harvesting, in the northern-hemisphere, things are just warming up, and trees are waking up.

2021 season is about to kick off and we're happy to share this year's first AlmondBeat report, based on real-time data from over 10 million almond trees of our customers in Central Valley, California, from Tehama county to Kern county.

Two important questions that we'd like to address in the current report:

  • When trees came out of dormancy and how can we identify it

  • How to optimize irrigation at the start of the season

At Phytech, we like to refer these questions - to the trees and check what they are telling us.

AlmondBeat report #1 , here we go

Phytech team

A wake up call

Analyzing real-time data from over 10 million trees, our research team identified that trees came out of dormancy during March 1-2. This follows last year's trend when trees woke up earlier than usual on Feb 28th, compared to 2017-2019 seasons, where data showed that dormancy ended during 8-10 March.

Here is how the wake-up point for 2021 looks through Phytech interface: