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AlmondBeat 2023 #4: Start Irrigation Deficit Earlier and Up The Intensity Level

As the 2023 almond growing season unfolds in California, it's time to take stock of the unique conditions and strategies that will shape this year's harvest. In this edition of AlmondBeat, we'll explore the important factors to consider, from regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) to hull-split timing and pest management.

AlmondBeat 2023 #4: Start Irrigation Deficit Earlier and Up The Intensity Level Due to Above Average Soil Moisture in Blocks

Information Provided by Phytech Agronomy Experts, Ziv Attia and Mark Sherfy.

Hold Water and Optimize Regulated Deficit Irrigation:

With deep profile soil moisture content being above-average and close to saturation levels this year, it's essential to adjust your regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) strategy accordingly. This means holding water earlier and intensifying RDI to ensure uniform hull split. By closely monitoring the soil moisture data provided by Phytech, you can determine the optimal timing and intensity of RDI to achieve your desired outcome.

2 Common Deficit Practices

At this point in the season, yellows and oranges should be prevalent. Aim for light green or yellows for a slight deficit strategy, or yellows to orange for a more aggressive deficit strategy.

Rule of Thumb: No More Than 2 Consecutive Red Days

Predicting Hull-Split with Phytech Growth Curve:

As the season progresses, keep a keen eye on the Phytech growth curve to anticipate the optimal time for hull-split strategies. By aligning your practices with the growth curve, you can ensure a uniform hull split across your blocks, leading to more efficient shakes and precise timing for orange navel worm (ONW) sprays and mitigating high humidity levels, hence, reducing the risk of hull rot and other fungal diseases.

The 2023 almond growing season in California presents unique challenges and opportunities. With Phytech's advanced monitoring system and data-driven insights, you can navigate these complexities with confidence. By holding water wisely, adjusting irrigation deficit strategies, leveraging the Phytech growth curve, and proactively managing pests, you can optimize your almond orchard's performance and achieve exceptional yields.

Stay tuned for our next AlmondBeat report, where we will delve deeper into the hull-split phase and how Phytech continues to support growers in optimizing deficit irrigation.

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