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AlmondBeat #3: Stay one step ahead of the heat. Learn how

As temperatures in the valley continue to rise and break records, and water is becoming ever more precious, it's time to level up your irrigation efficiency. Let's make the most out of every drop. AlmondBeat report #3, Here we go. Phytech team

See. Prioritize. Allocate In these super-hot times, being connected to your trees and knowing their real-time water-demand, in each block, can be the difference maker in weathering the weather. Although totally avoiding stress is unrealistic, growers who use Phytech can minimize its negative effects and create efficient irrigation schemes which prioritize certain blocks and optimize water delivery. Make sure that each block is getting the right amounts by checking the pressure maps and maximizing distribution uniformity.

Staying one step ahead of the weather Sometimes the trees tell us to wait with irrigation, or to deliver smaller quantities more often. But in these extreme hot times, growers need to switch from reaction - to action. Don't wait for those "red" statuses to fill-up your screen. Observe closely where water-demand starts to build quickly with yellows and oranges statuses. Check Phytech's daily recommendation and get ahead of the weather. Your trees will thank you.


Unlike firefighting, pouring a lot of water is not always the best way to fight stress in almond trees.

As water evaporates quickly from the surface, many growers switch to high-frequency/lower quantities plans, instead of long durations cycles.

Trees get more "drinks" to help them recover during the heatwaves, water is not being wasted, and the soil keeps enough moisture in the upper foot.

Keep an eye on growth, check the dashboard Too much stress might affect the trees' growth rate, which is strongly correlated to yield-potential. Use the growth and MDS graphs, as well as Phytech's reference line to verify that the trees' are on track and not falling below the benchmark. Also, check the dashboard to see the last couple of weeks of ETc and if you're meeting the recommended amount of water. That's it. Stay tuned for our next AlmondBeat report.

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