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AlmondBeat #5: Our new pressure sensors take the pressure off

As more growers are applying irrigation more frequently, pressure becomes an issue. Luckily, with the new pressure sensors, our customers can handle the pressure. 

AlmondBeatreport #5. Here we go.

Irrigation now takes center stage on growers' to-do list. Many of our customers have switched to regular and more frequent plans. That means irrigation performance and pressure monitoring are key for operational excellence. 

Count every drop and make it count Our new pressure sensors give growers real-time data from the system that helps them track actual irrigation, get alerts once the pressure drops, and respond before stress can develop. In the following example, low pressure was detected, an alert was sent and the grower was able to take an immediate action.

Avoid over/under irrigation - follow the black line

In addition to pressure monitoring, Phytech's recommendation (the black reference line)  supports decision making and helps growers deliver water without over/under irrigation.

Since water is a critical input for fruit production and is an expensive resource - applying it according to what the tree needs contributes directly to the bottom line.

Although stress prevention is on top of their list, growers also need to avoid building too much moisture in the soil that might lead to disease formation. In the following screen-shot from the system, we can see that water could have been saved. 

To conclude: with Phytech, closing the loop is simple. By being connected both to their plants' water demand and to the irrigation system, our customers get all the data they need to run, monitor, and optimize their irrigation plans.  Stay tuned for our next AlmondBeat Report

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