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AlmondBeat report #3: How to maximize Kernel's size?

As temperatures keep rising this week (again by 20%), there's no better time to be connected to your trees and make sure they get what they need. 

AlmondBeat report #3. Here we go.

Main objective: Maximizing kernel's size by minimizing stress 

3 keys we'd like to emphasize as the season unfolds in the Valley:  1) Stress avoidance is critical: While the size of the hull has been determined during the last two months, May is when the kernel will grow in size. Since kernel's size is highly influenced by stress, now is the time to avoid stress events and make sure that optimal size will be reached.  Follow the black line: Now that rain events are probably behind us, using Phytech's black reference line enables you to understand trees' water demand for next week while taking weather forecast into account as well.  In the below screenshots from the app, you can see that blocks with mature almonds were irrigated less than Phytech's reference during a 4-week time period, which resulted in stress:

2) Different varieties, different water demand. You can also see how the reference line changes between different varieties (Usually pollinators show higher water demand), allowing growers to optimize their irrigation while avoiding yield-affecting stress. When creating your plan, aim for the more thirsty pollinators. 

4) Change the frequency. Closely examine your irrigation frequency. It can be the difference-maker that dramatically change irrigation's effectiveness -  even more than increasing quantity. Use Phytech's stress indicators and the reference line to quickly understand which blocks need your attention. 

Stay tuned for our next AlmondBeat Report

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