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Deepening our understanding of vines

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Our journey to promote plant-based practices around the world continues in Australia.

We're already helping leading Australian growers of grapes, tree fruits and nuts optimize water use, yields and quality by connecting them to their plants, to apply irrigation based on real-time water demand. But we're also happy to support scientific initiatives that deepen our understanding of plants and lead to outcomes that are commercially applicable to our clients.

At Coriole Wines, Phytech sensors were installed across an Adelaide University trial site to help determine the differences in irrigation requirements for vines that have undergone mechanical undervine weeding.

Honours student, Will Joubert, enjoyed the simplicity of the installation process and will be monitoring the progress at the site during the season.

18 plant sensors were installed across the 3 trial projects and the 3 control projects. Measuring multiple vines at each project is part of the standard Phytech service to ensure data consistency, confidence and redundancy.

As part of the arrangement, the processed real-time data will also be made available to other clients in the region so they can benefit from the findings.

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