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Irrigation management. Revolutionized. Simplified. Optimized

Check out this video of our updated Pivot app to learn how we're not only revolutionizing irrigation management but simplifying it. New features include The first-ever Plant Dynamic Refill line, AI-based Days to Refill prediction, 6 depths readings from our new soil probe and the Advisor - a clear recommendation to help growers optimize production while saving resources. Welcome to #plantbasedfarming the #futureoffarming

Watch the video:

Plant Dynamic Refill Line and days to refill prediction - integrating data from the plant and the soil to give growers a first of its kind real-time picture of what their plants need. Unlike most soil moisture solutions that have a predetermined refill line, our patented algorithm re-calibrates the refill line daily according to the plant's water-demand ("plant-status"), obtained from our stem-sensors.

For example, if the plants are telling us that they have enough water to withstand soil moisture depletion while staying stress-free and happy, the refill line will adjust downward accordingly, giving you more days until you need to fill the soil to avoid stress. We also use a machine learning algorithm to predict the soil moisture depletion rate to tell you how many days you have until the moisture level drops below the refill line, so you can plan accordingly.

Phytech's advisor - A clear, bottom-line recommendation that takes into account soil, plant and weather data to help you quickly understand what needs to be done.

The water balance area - easily view past irrigation performance alongside what you should expect in the next 7 days. The blue color represents the delivered quantity, and the black-line represents Phytech’s irrigation recommendation.

Six depths readings - Thanks to our new soil moisture probe we are now presenting readings from six depths, allowing a better understanding of what needs to be done

Designed to give growers enhanced visibility:

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