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Shiraz vines (and kangaroos) move fast

Phytech helps growers around the world avoid stress and optimize yields by directly measuring their trees' MDS (Maximum Daily Shrinkage), via our plant-sensors (dendrometers).

This raw data is transformed by Phytech's patented algorithm into simple color indicators, which represent the plants' real-time water demand. Based on the plant-status and other parameters such as ETo, Phytech also generates an irrigation reference to help growers optimize water delivery.

By applying irrigation according to actual water-demand, farmers are not only avoiding yield-affecting stress but can maximize their trees' growth. In Vines, strong growth, especially in young vines, can significantly affect future productivity and grapes' quality.

Here In the McLaren Vale, a world renowned region for wine producing, we have been recently monitoring the fastest growing Shiraz vines we are measuring in this area (and probably Australia). As you can see in the above video, vines are not the only ones who move quickly in this part of the world, as captured by our Our Australian Managing Director, Mark Heyward.

Using the newly added dashboard feature we can easily see the growth rate compared to the plant-reference, a benchmark, based on historical data of the same tress (same age, same varieties).

By putting together these two data layers we're giving growers not only a deeper visibility of their plant health and status but a broader outlook on their vines' performance.

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