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The New Frost App is here, with wind-machines monitoring!

Our new Frost App is here and ready to be downloaded from the App store and Google Play

The latest app gives additional data layers and supports climate-related decision making. Growers can quickly respond to frost conditions and avoid damages by getting per-block granular climate monitoring and alerts as well as wind-machine’ real-time tracking, based on Phytech’s IoT network of temperature, humidity, and operational sensors. The new app also features a map view that presents all the important data in one place.

“The new frost app gives a quick snapshot of the distribution of frost conditions, the lowest in-field temperature point and wind-machines’ status”, explains Omer Sagee, Monitoring and Analysis Products Manager at Phytech, “Wind machine (and sprinklers) monitoring has long been a challenge for growers, especially getting real-time indication of the operational status and if the machine is in manual or auto mode”.

Growers can define which temperature threshold will trigger a push notification, an SMS or a phone call. An in-depth look on the block-level gives granular climate data, and a comparison of current frost conditions to previous day. Seeing how last night’s frost conditions evolved compared to the current state, growers can get a better sense of where they’re headed tonight.

“We’re listening and working closely with our partners – both trees and customers” adds Sagee, “Phytech is dedicated to our customers’ success and deeply understand the day-to-day challenges of being a grower. The platform continuously evolves to meet those needs in the simplest way possible”.

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