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Phytech for
Peach Growers

Unleash your farm's true potential with the only digital farming platform that closes the loop from the crop to the drop

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"You irrigate exactly according to the tree's needs, and can see the effect ion fruit size. It takes the guessing out of irrigation. You are able to react instantly before the tree becomes stressed".

Gerhard Colyn, Farm Manager at Jean Pierre Boerdery, South Africa


Trusted by more than 900 of the world's top growers


Reaching your desired fruit size on time. Simpler. Smarter. 

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Control your farm
From the crop to the drop

When the going gets tough The tough get Phytech

  • Super fast ROI

  • Plug N' Play - start working and optimizing within 2 days 

  • Subscription-based model. No strings attached

  • No hardware or maintenance investment.

  • 24/7 Agronomic and tech support

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