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A New Frost App Update: 'Frostbusting' just got better

As Trees in the Northern hemisphere are starting to feel the temperatures' drop, growers are preparing to mitigate frost. In some parts of Washington, where Phytech supports the top apple growers, temperatures have already reached 26℉, and it's just the start.

As always, the first step in fighting frost is monitoring both the developing climate conditions and tracking real-time operational status of 'anti-frost' tools, that help keep the trees warm.

Phytech's Frost 2 app (AKA the "frostBuster") is here to help growers avoid damages by getting per-block granular climate monitoring and alerts as well as sprinklers and wind-machine’ real-time tracking, based on Phytech’s IoT network of temperature, humidity, and operational sensors.

The app just got some useful tweaks and a facelift. Here are some of the new additions:

  • Wind-machine battery status

  • The google map is now the default view and by swiping up from the bottom you can see the areas' list

  • Sprinklers' sensor is visible on the google map

  • The Inversion sensor is visible on the google map

  • The inversion value is presented as the delta from the field temperature

Monitoring and Analysis products manager, Omer Sagee: "Growers need data to quickly act upon, especially when it comes to fighting frost. Our challenge is to present it in a simple and meaningful way to support their decisions. For example, last season we've added a comparison of current frost conditions to previous day. Seeing how last night’s frost conditions evolved compared to the current state, growers can get a better sense of where they’re headed tonight. The new update brings improved visibility of both the frost conditions and the operational status of their systems, to speed-up decision making".

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