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Frost Fighting. Easier. Faster. Smarter

Updated: Feb 26

With temperatures dropping fast in Central valley and other parts of Western US, now is the time to use Phytech's frost app to avoid the damages.

Ziv Attia, PhD, Head of Agronomy, explains, "Cold temperatures during the bloom period can decrease yields and potentially lead to crop failure. However, maintaining appropriate soil moisture levels can serve as a protective layer against frost damage. By utilizing the Frost app, growers can make informed, data-driven decisions about safeguarding their crops from chill damage and minimizing the economic impact of weather-related risks.”

Fighting frost . Easier. Faster. Smarter

Growers can save labor, ensure execution and get run-time reports of their wind machines and under-tree sprinklers - all from their phones. They can define per-block or per-variety temperature thresholds for alerts. Plus - on the web they get all the data in one screen- frost, climate, soil, plant, fruit and hydraulics. Down below are some of the features, designed to help growers avoid frost damage

✔️ Understand where is the lowest temperature on the farm

✔️ Detect temperature inversion in the farm (30ft high)

✔️ Monitor wind machines' and sprinklers' operation - whether they were activated as planned and how long they operated

✔️ Define temperature thresholds per block and get real-time alerts per block or per variety (phone call/sms)

✔️ Compare current frost conditions to the previous day to anticipate the trend

Quickly respond to frost conditions and avoid damages by getting per-block granular climate monitoring and alerts as well as wind-machine’ real-time tracking, based on Phytech’s IoT network of temperature, humidity, and operational sensors.


A quick snapshot of the distribution of frost conditions

  • Lowest in-field temperature point

  • Wind-machine monitoring

  • Sprinklers monitoring

  • Wind-machine battery status

  • Define which temperature threshold will trigger a push notification/SMS/phone call.

  • A comparison of current frost conditions to the previous day to anticipate the trend

Watch the video: