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Don't freeze: Frost mitigation in the Central Valley is on!

In California, Central Valley growers embrace themselves for this week's frost conditions. Knowledge is power, and with Phytech's new frost app growers can 'withstand the heat'. Frost mitigation is made easier thanks to per-block data and tracking, including:

  • Temperature and humidity monitoring

  • Irrigation and pressure monitoring

  • Wind-machines monitoring

  • User-specific frost alerts (by SMS, email or phone call), set individually per plot

  • Frost navigation - know which block to visit first

  • Compare frost conditions to the previous day and understand how will the night develop

  • Damage Assessment/ Harvest decision-making - Get per-block reports on low-temperatures' accumulation

For a short walkthrough of the new Frost App click below and good luck to all the growers out there!

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