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Frost protection - wherever you are

As we all fight an unseen force, nature's other forces and processes are in full display here in Wenatchee, Washington, where apple trees are waking up and farmers are protecting them from frost.

Using Phytech's frost app our customers get push notifications when temperatures drop during early morning hours and can immediately react. Using micro-sprinklers under the trees is a common practice, as water freezes and while doing so releases heat to the surrounding parts of the tree. This not only protects the tree but creates beautiful scenes as captured by Iftach Shalev Rosenbach from our team.

In a time where nearly one in three people around the globe is facing some form of lockdown, it's super-convenient for our customers to be connected from their smartphone to their irrigation system via our pressure switches. This helps them monitor in real-time their irrigation performance, making sure that that frost-protecting spray has indeed been activated on-time and their trees are safe and warm.

Stay Safe. Stay Strong

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