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Happy Plants, People and Planet

As the world population grows fast, water supply decreases, arable land shrinkages and climate is rapidly changing humanity faces one of its most severe challenges.

According to the UN, By 2050, with the global population expected to reach 9.8 billion, our food supplies will be under far greater stress. Demand will be 60% higher than it is today, but climate change, urbanization, and soil degradation will have shrunk the availability of water and arable land. The bottom line: much more mouths to feed with less resources.

Sustainability as a mission

Sustainability therefore has become a battle-cry for an entire economical and cultural movement that seek to fight the food and water crisis as well as to restore equilibrium to our planet's eco-system.

At Phytech, we're happy to contribute our small share to this critical mission. In fact, our "Plant-based Farming" statement reflects the core belief that in order to make farming more sustainable from an economic and an environmental perspectives, we must put plants and trees at the center of everything we do. From there on, growers can adapt their irrigation practices to optimize production while saving water and energy. The result: Happier plants, people - and Planet. So let's go over all the P's that are parts of our effort to make farming more sustainable.

Happy Plants

Sensors on selected plants and trees measure micro-variations in their trunk size, which is a scientifically proven indicator of their stress, or, water demand level, In other words, for the first time in agricultural history we have established a plant-human "translator" to help growers know where, when and how thirsty and healthy are their plants. The result: happier, more productive, plants.

By avoiding yield-affecting stress, growers are optimizing yields on the short-term but also maintain their trees' productivity and health for years to come.

Phytech's plant reference, based on data from millions of the same trees, is another tool that help growers compare their trees' growth and health against a benchmark. This is the equivalent of growth chart for children, where the grower can easily track how his "kids" are doing and quickly take action if they fall off the graph.

Sustainable Practices

With clear visibility of their plants' needs in real-time, growers have the ability to apply irrigation according to actual water demand, thus manage to save precious water while optimizing production. This is

Water is constantly becoming an ever precious resource in

many parts of the world, leading not only to increase in prices but to strict governmental regulations (such as the SGMA act in California). This is where Phytech not only makes a difference but changes long-time irrigation practices ,as validated by our partners around the world.

Select Harvests / Australia - saving 600 megaliters in just one farm